Considering that:

Science is an universal language, common to all, irrespective of their political, philosophical or religious beliefs

The development of Science now mandates worldwide collaborations in order to cope with changes which have themselves become worldwide and also with an even more costly mobilization of resources

Progress in scientific knowledge cannot be borne only by developed countries

Partnerships should be set-up in order to educate elites that will allow, in time, less advanced countries to contribute in furthering scientific knowledge.

The Foundation sets itself the following goals:

To encourage a dialogue between scientists and engineers, women and men, coming from North, East and South shores of the Mediterranean
To build a network from within the Civil Society dedicated to realizing concrete projects contributing to a sustainable development
To contribute to the reduction of the disparities and the imbalance between nations
To share the expertise of its network and to promote dialogue between scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, finance and political figures, through a platform which goal is to support the introduction of “out of the lab” solutions in order to tackle the big challenges of the development in Africa and Middle East.
To organize for that purpose multidisciplinary conferences in order to tackle recurring themes such as :

  • the satisfaction of basis needs (water, food, health, education, energy, information)
  • the development of networks and infrastructures (transport, energy, water, communication)
  • the management of the impact of demographic and climatic changes (urbanization, desertification, catastrophes whether natural or man-made, epidemics, etc.)
  • the actions in favour of access to all countries to large global scientific projects contributing to peace (science for peace)
  • the promotion of initiatives in favour of good governance (respect of law and fight against corruption)
  • the participation of women at every level of scientific, political and economical responsibility
  • and other timely topics

12th Sharing Knowledge Conference

Geneva, Switzerland, 7 - 8 June 2019

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