Passing of Robert Klapisch

24 March 2020

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the sudden passing of Robert Klapisch, president and founder of the Sharing Knowledge Foundation, which occurred on Saturday, March 21st in Paris. He was surrounded by his three children Coline, Cédric and Marianne. 

Robert has carried with great passion the work, vision and mission of the Sharing Knowledge Foundation for almost 15 years, convinced that he could help create a better world through the sharing of knowledge and the building of bridges between people. We all have witnessed his tireless commitment to the cause, his great generosity and the beauty of the work he has built.

His lively spirit, his tenacity and the universal values ​​which he conveyed in his actions, made him a mentor for many friends, colleagues and scientists around the world.

The members of the Foundation Council and the Scientific Council and their close collaborators testify here to their deep sadness.

Given the current situation, we do not yet know under what conditions the funeral may take place. Please send your letters to the Sharing Knowledge Foundation, Place des Florentins 1, 1204 Geneva or by email at,



Robert KLAPISCH entered the French CNRS after graduating from Ecole de Physique et Chimie de Paris. His PhD work, under René Bernas, a pioneer in Mass Spectrometry was about the nucleosynthesis of the rare light elements Lithium Beryllium and Boron and the puzzle of how they survive being burnt by fusion. This led him to using CERN accelerators and to participate in its advisory committees. He left CNRS in 1981as Herwig Schopper CERN DG asked him to become Director of Research (1981-1987). Carlo Rubbia the new DG (1989 to 1993) asked him to be his adviser and to boost the CERN Communication Policy. He organized the LEP Inauguration Ceremony in 1989 and directed a Pavilion at the 1992 Seville Expo. After the end of Rubbia’s mandate he co-authored the proposal for the Energy Amplifier, a new approach to nuclear energy (1993-1997). In 2002, he was appointed by President Chirac to the Committee preparing the “Charte de l’Environnement” which has since become a part of the French Constitution. As President of the French Association for the Advancement of Science (2000-2003), he advocated a North-South Scientific Dialogue between scientists from Europe and those from Less Developed countries, from the African Continent and the Middle East, as a privileged means to avoid the infamous “Clash of Civilisations”. This led him to set up in 2006 a dedicated “Sharing Knowledge Foundation” (SKF), which he chairs. President Sarkozy promoted him Officier de la Légion d’Honneur in 2007.

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