Rabat, Morocco, 9 - 12 May 2013

Sharing Knowledge across the Mediterranean Conference (8)

The Sharing Knowledge across the Mediterranean Conference (8) took place in Rabat at the hotel La Tour Hassan Palace.

Documents to be consulted:

Recommendations 2013 of the conference.

List of participants and list of interveners are available here: ListeParticipants 2013 and ListIntervenants2013


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Opening Session



Sharing Knowledge Foundation

Supporting the democratic transition in the Mediterranean: what perspectives?


Round table

Moderator: Henry Marty-Gauquié

Presentation of Jean-Louis Reiffers,

Presentation of Mohamed Chafiki

Presentation of Sami Mouley

Presentation of Hany Helal

Sharing Knowledge Foundation
Euromed Management School
Ministry of Finance
University of Tunis
Cairo University

Problems of the energy transition in Europe and in the world


A British point of view on nuclear and carbon-free energy

Moderator: Robert Klapisch

Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Do nuclear energy promote the proliferation of weapons

2ºC technologies and the cost of meeting the target

Transitioning to low carbon growth in the Mediterranean

Opportunities in the field of renewable energy and in particular solar energy in the MENA countries

New perspectives of gas and fuel

Transport: ecological, economic and urbanistic issues


Progress of vehicle technology and increase of the global market

Moderator: Pascal Colombani

City and intercity transport in Africa

Innovative perspectives for electricity transport


From Laboratory to Industrial Scale

International Research centers


Current prospects about the SESAME project

Cairo University

Eliminating extreme poverty in Africa: millenium goals


Only two years before 2015, the end of the first step of the MDG to eliminate extreme poverty, where do we stand?


Sharing Knowledge Foundation

Is it possible to make electrification economically viable in African cities?

University of Abomey-Calavi

Decentralized Small-Scale Water Services in Developing Countries

Yale University

Health consequences of water and air pollution and lack of sanitation


Assessment of illnesses and premature death due to diarrhea, pulmonary diseases and lack of sanitation

Global eHealth Consultants (GeHCs)

Unconventional resources for water-stressed regions


Forward Osmosis: Potential Applications and Challenges

Moderator: Miriam Balaban

Yale University

Water Purification for Small Villages


Yonsei Unversity

Feeding the world


Agricultural machinery in Africa. Status and perspectives

Development of Agriculture in Subsaharan Africa: Goals and Challenges

The growth of ICT: a lever for development in Africa and MENA


Commissioning of “Africa Connect” connecting Research and Education Networking of sub-Saharan Africa to the European Network GEANT

Moderator: Guy Wormser –  Introduction


UbuntuNet Alliance

The university network Ankabut of United Arab Emirates

Advanced Network for Research and Education “Ankabut”

Projects of e-government of the World Bank in Africa

The World Bank Group

The new challenges for regulators and telecom operators in Morocco

Future of the Research and Education networks in the South of Mediterranean: Marwan case

Capacity building: training managers


The HEC training program for Moroccan executive managers

Parti démocrate progressiste

Financial structures


An experimental approach on the efficiency of fight against poverty programs

Moderator: Henry Marty-Gauquié – Introduction

Jameel Poverty Action Lab

International contribution to investments in Africa

Caisse des Dépôts

Can Africa finance its development?

Capacity building: training engineers and technicians


ESIAC, School of Engineering at Douala

Moderator: Dominique Gentile – Introduction


International action of CNAM in French speaking Africa

Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM)

The Euro-Mediterranean University in Morocco

University of Laval

Water, Energy and Environment: what trainings and what complementary research to share for Mediterranean countries?

Université Hassan II Mohammedia Casablanca

Development of science in Africa and MENA


The Quest for the Higgs Boson

Moderator: Patrick Fassnacht – Introduction

King’s College London

The role of Morocco in the ATLAS collaboration

Ibn-Zohr University

CERN’s policy for Knowledge Exchange

Radioactive molecules for imaging and therapy

ICTP and its global branches

Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics...
Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation


Discussion on recommendations


Conclusions and recommendations