Geneva, Switzerland, 7 - 8 June 2019

Sharing Knowledge Conference (12)

Our 12th Conference will be held at The Globe of Science and Innovation – CERN, Geneva, from June 7th to June 8th 2019. We are honored to announce that CERN Director General Fabiola Gianotti will be opening the conference. The SKF Award will be presented during the opening ceremony of the conference to Lionel Zinsou, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Benin, President of Terra Nova and Founder of SouthBridge, for his tireless commitment to the values of the Sharing Knowledge Foundation.

The 2019 Sharing Knowledge Conference at CERN, Geneva will invite top scientists, innovators, business and government leaders to actively reflect on the interconnection between Science, Innovation, Peace and Sustainable Development. We will also introduce young science and tech leaders who address the great challenges of development in Africa and the Middle East through cutting edge science, innovation and « out of the lab » projects.

This ambitious program will be covered in 5 thematic sessions

Pre Session : Harnessing Science and Innovation for Development in the MENA and Africa

Session 1: Contextualizing Migrations: the European migrant crisis, brain-drain and brain-gain

Session 2: Achieving Gender Equality in STEM

Session 3: Defending an Open Access to Technology

Session 4: CERN an innovation hub, Best practices & Lessons learned

Registrations are mandatory to attend the conference.




Pre Session: Harnessing Science and Innovation for Development in the MENA and Africa


Keynote Address Klaus Schönenberger, Director, EPFL EssentialTech Centre, Technology Innovation for Development and Humanitarian Action

EssentialTech Center


Startup Pitching and Networking Session

12 Startups from Europe, Africa, and the MENA (final list TBC) will pitch their innovations and ways they
aim to address great societal challenges in the field of Energy, Agriculture, Health and Education.


  • SUNBOX, Abiola Ajala
  • ECONEXUS FUEL, Prince Essel
  • ENERGY BIO FOODS, Chysmelle Adenmenou
  • SOLAR PIEZOCLEAN, Maher Maymoun


  • FARM CONNECT, Victor Masumba


  • UniR, Camila Rios
  • Konexio, Binta Jameh


Solar PiezoClean
Econexus Ventures
Energy Bio Foods
Farm Connect Energy Limited


Coffee break

Opening session


Welcome Address by Fabiola Gianotti, DG of CERN


Welcome Address by Robert Klapisch, President of the Sharing Knowledge Foundation and John Ellis, Clerk Maxwell Professor of Theoretical Physics at King's College London, Member of SKF Council

Sharing Knowledge Foundation
King’s College London


SKF Award Ceremony, awardee Lionel Zinsou

PAI Partners


Keynote Address by Lionel Zinsou, economist, former Prime Minister of Benin, 2019’s awardee of the SKF Award

Session 1:Contextualizing Migrations: the European migrant crisis, brain-drain and brain-gain



  • Alexander Betts, Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs, Oxford Department of International Development William Golding Senior Fellow at Brasenose College, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
  • Hanadi Ibrahim, Professor in Biochemistry, University Simon Fraser in Canada, member of the Refugee Scholars Network (Syria)
  • Oula Abu-Amsha, Chief Academic Officer, Jesuit Worldwide Learning (Switzerland)
  • David Robert, General Manager, Singa (France)

Simon Fraser University
Jesuit Worldwide Learning


Welcome Diner Cocktail at Globe

Session 2 : Achieving Gender Equality in STEM


Keynote address by Rajaa Cherkaoui, Physicist, laureate of the L’Oréal-UNESCO Award For Women in Science (Morocco) TBC

Mohammed V University in Rabat, Faculty of...



  • Geneviève Guinot, Gender and Equality, CERN
  • Regina Honu, Founder and CEO of the software development company Soronko Solutions (Ghana)
  • Colette Lewiner, Physicist, Member of the Académie des Technologies, former vice-president of EDF and CEO of SGN Eurisys, former President of the European Nuclear Society (France)
  • Jess Wade, Physicist, Imperial College (GB)
  • Ingrid Wünning Tschol, Biologist, Senior Vice-President and Head of Health and Research at the Robert Bosch Foundation (Germany)

Soronko Academy
Robert Bosch Stiftung


Coffee break

Session 3: Defending an Open Access to Technology



  • Ernesto Fernandez Polcuch, UNESCO’s initiatives in Open Access, Chief of Section, Science Policy and Partnerships-Division of Science Policy and Capacity Building (France)
  • Markus Norberg, From Open Science to Open Innovation – case: Ideasquare@CERN, Development and Innovation Unit, CERN
  • Francois Piuzzi, Open Access by examples :Focus on medical applications. President of the Commission Physique sans frontières (France)
  • Olivier de Fresnoye : Echopen, Low cost echostethoscope
  • Mejdi Nciri : Multispectral imaging by LEDs
  • Tianheng Zhao : Open flexure Microscope, 3D printed microscope with a webcam

French Society of Physics
Impact Photonics
University of Cambridge


Lunch Break

Session 4: CERN is an innovation hub: knowledge sharing for the benefits of society


Keynote address by Frederick Bordry, Director of Accelerators and Technology, CERN



  • Giovanni Anelli, Introduction to CERN Knowledge transfer, CERN
  • Charlotte Jamieson, Affordable medical linear accelerators for challenging environments, STFC
  • Amalia Ballarino, Superconducting cables for Energy Transportation, CERN
  • Becky Parker, CERN@School project (Medipix based), CERN
  • Einar Bjorgo, UNOSAT: 15 years of humanitarian mapping, UNITAR

Institute for Research in Schools


Coffee break

CERN Guided Tour


LHC Large Magnet Facility, IdeaSquare and ALICE Experiment

Closing Reception (upon formal invitation only)



Conclusions of conference


Keynote speech (TBC)